SBKLive Ep. 116 – Nothing Matters

POSTED ON November 19th, 2014  - POSTED IN Episodes, Free

The SBKLive Show Episode 116- Nothing Matters

Our buddy Dom from The SuperVillains joins us in the Studio

Bill Cosby, Again?

Who uses Emojis?

The guy that owns Uber is wack

FSU is still on top!

Kevin Durant calls Dwight Howard a pussy, we agree. 

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SBKLive Ep. 115 – Thank You White Dudes

POSTED ON November 15th, 2014  - POSTED IN Episodes, Free

The SBKLive Show Episode 115- Thank you White Dudes

Matt and Angel hating on FSU

Guy Rocking and 8ball jacket goes off

The super sexual culture we live in

Angel thinks something’s strange about us landing on the comet





SBKLive Ep. 113 – No Weed Florida Sucks

POSTED ON November 7th, 2014  - POSTED IN Episodes, Free

The SBK Live Episode 113- No Weed Florida Sucks

Matt talks about his bad Uber experience on Halloween.

Kevin confuses Lauren Hill with Lauryn Hill.

A recap of the election results and Kevin declares he is now an Independent.

Some sports talk happens about sports stuff.

Matt watched 12 Years A Slave, and Kevin has questions for Matt.

Talking about Artie Lange’s controversial tweets.

Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight cast announced.

Kevin doesn’t want the iCloud.

Winston from Ghostbusters says Ghostbusters ruined his life.

How the government let the banks get away with destroying the economy in 2008.

Jay Z bought Ace of Spades.  #fangaz

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SBKLive Ep. 111- The Poop Bus

POSTED ON November 1st, 2014  - POSTED IN Episodes, Free

SBKLive Episode 111 – The Poop Bus

Matt is Clark Kent for Halloween

Kevin meets Carlos Mencia

Beebs from “Beebs and her Money Makers” stops by to chat

Street Harrassment 

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SBKLive Ep. 107 – Kevin Is Fine, Everything Is Okay

POSTED ON October 17th, 2014  - POSTED IN Episodes, Free

No Kevin tonight so Matt leads the charge along with Angel.

In this episode:

Chris Crespo from Cinema Crespodiso comes on to talk about movies and other stuff.

Winston Watch

Spending Money On Engagement Rings and Weddings = Bad For Marriages

NFL vs Beats by Dre

Halle Berry’s child support payments are crazy

The Blasck Hasselhoff Anthony Davis from FoGetDatYo Radio comes on to talk a lil about recreational athletic wagering.



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